Monday, February 25, 2013

Samsung GX 1395 13" CRT Television

Nice Samsung GX 1395 13" CRT Television. If your childhood was spent playing video games in the 1990's you should remember this television that was marketed towards video gamers. I remember seeing these televisions in gamer magazines with a expensive price tag. They also made appearances in Funcoland stores to test used games on. I found this in a local thrift store at a great price.

Tested and everything seems to work great so far. All the speakers work great.

Side view of how big this thing is. It's currently taking up the wide of my desk!

 As you can see in this picture the television has a sub woofer built into the television. The bass is very rich and deep, perfect for retro gaming.

 It was two inputs for AV cable connections, two separate coaxial connections, one for TV Antenna and one for game system input

 Picture of the label specifications above.

For more about this television and it's specifications go here.

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